[North Carolina/Virginia Riders]Rocky Mount Trials Competition on June 21, 2008

A little less than a month away there will be a trials competetion held at Battle Park in Rocky Mount, NC. There will be a unicycle division and participants in that will be competing on the sport sections. There will be six sections ridden two times each, NATS trials rules (basically don’t put a foot down).

Registration starts at 9 AM and competition begins at 10 AM.

Link to park location.

Even if you don’t compete, Battle Park has arguably the best natural trials in North Carolina.

Hope to see you out there.


Pics of Battle Park:

I want to come, but its about 4 hours away, and I would have to get my dad to drive me. I’m thinking he wouldn’t want to because we’re driving to Richmond the weekend before for the Belle Isle trials comp. (Not to threadjack, but will you be coming to that?)

I’ll see if I can make it to tar river.

Unfortunately no, my sister’s graduation is that weekend and family is coming into town.

I know where your coming from with the driving. It’s about two hours from where I am and it sucks not having a liscense to drive myself.

Be sure to tell the other Virginia riders about it, maybe you could even find a ride with one of them.

off topic… sorry

I live in the Jacksonville area and was wondering if you know about more riders here in eastern NC? I would love to go to the event in Rocky mount but I don’t know how to do any of that stuff.

I don’t know of anyone that’s really east NC like at the beach, but I know of two riders in the triangle area that do more of your type of riding. User names on this site are “abridged” and “tomkarches”.

I will be there. Conrad and I went riding there earlier this year and it was a blast. Some absolutely amazing trials. I live up in the mountains and it is a really long haul for me but it is sure worth it. I would recommend anyone close to come.:slight_smile:

Just got an update from the organizer, $25 for registration.

ok sorry for the quality I know it is terrible but here is a little trailer to show show a little of the park. Hope to see some other people come.

These are all short clips from when conrad and I rode there back in January.

those rocks look a lot less impressive on film. too bad your camera died before we got to the good stuff. looks to be a good time. anyone else thinking of coming?


we need some more riders

2 days left.