North Carolina unicyclist read this!

I am tring to start a unicycle club in the McDowell County area and i need some unicyclist. The only unicycle club i know of in North carolina was a P.E. unicycle club and I thought it would be good to have one for people that wasn’t in that P.E. club. I thought it would be a club that you could come to and practice some. We could also have weekly or monthly lessons to help some of the new people that want to get into unicycle’s. Along with that we could all get together and ride some. We could do some more stuff because that was just some thoughts but i thought i didn’t need to list everything. if you are interested in doing this e-mail me and we can go from there

Edit: you can also pm me

hey, i’m down for it, i’m about to move to apex nc on monday.

I pmed you about the club

that’s pretty far away from where I live. Print off some flyers and put them in your LBS and outdoor stores, that should get some attention.

where do you live

check your pm

i did now you need to check yours

i live in winston salem!!!

I go to school at UNC Chapel Hill, so if anyone is ever in the area, give me a PM, and we can ride.


i will be in raleigh on the 15th, im judgin g a bboy (breakdance) compitition.

it would be cool if one day we could al get together and ride. Also I think it would be cool if we could make a movie.

I’m interested too. I live in Henderson county. Maybe Buncombe would be the best for meeting. I could put up fliers in Asheville and Hendersonville if you have a meeting date/place in mind.

I live in NC too, like five minutes away from carson. This is a sweet idea, by the way.

where I go, There I am.

Im thinking of moving to asheville someday, for now I live in hickory area. sounds cool though let us know how it gos.

Yeah I’m a bit too far away too. However if ya’ll ever do a day at Kitsuma or something like that post it up and I’ll make the road trip.