North Bend Unicycle Day

I had a fantastic time at North Bend Unicycle Skills Clinic and Fun Day, and I thought I’d post some pictures and some fun memories.

  • Getting freestyle tips from Becky, an expert unicyclist.
  • Riding freestyle with all the great riders, and getting complemented on my riding by a bunch of people.
  • Hitting up a drive-thru espresso shop on unicycles, with John Childs.
  • Eating chocolate cookie waffles, made by Irene. Delish!
  • Going on a 3.25 mile gravel road "Muni" ride with John on his Coker, me on my 24x3 (should have ridden the 29er...), and heaps of elementary school team kids on 20" learner unis.
  • Eating awesome pizza with the Panther Pride team members who went to nationals.
  • Learning about "slow boards" and getting a good time (22 seconds), on my first try.
  • Winning all of the races! We did 1-foot, WW, regular riding, and more.
  • Getting to ride a "Gyro Uni," a custom-made uni with heavy metal weights at the bottom to reduce and almost eliminate the need for back and forth balance. Supposedly reduces learning time to around 4 hours.
  • Playing on the trials course with my Muni.
  • Successfully completing a nice gap from a high box to a lower box.
  • ...just before missing it, and doing an awkward backwards roll down the stairs, bruising my elbow, hip, and shoulder.
  • Watching my little brother learning and improving - he's almost able to ride 20 feet!

More pictures…

looks like it was a blast! I wish I could have gone…

It was a blast. Thanks for the pics Tyler, especially #805; of Abby on her white tire uni. This is the second year my camera didn’t make it out of the car.

Be sure to check out that “gyro” in pic 835 that JC is on. It has 27lbs of counterweights that reportedly lower the learning time to about 4 hours.

Great to see Zach Vaughn ride again too. Going big on the gaps, grabs, skinny’s and drops. Also his signature spin to suicide and running jump/flying mounts.

Mid afternoon a guy showed up on an old school Schwinn/Monty Trials Uni also going big. Turns out it as Nik Caffory, hadn’t met him before. Had to watch Defect again yesterday to catch his bit.

Hope to see more of you again next year.

Thanks for the pics Tyler, and the nice summary.

It was great to see the North Bend unicyclists two days ago.

A big thanks to Alan Tepper and all those involved with the organization of the event!