What do you think of norco unicycles

never heard of them. post a pic. cant find anything in google.
edit: found them but they look just liek the kh summits…

there was a thread about these
i really like the frame

I actually have a Norco unicycle, it was the only unicycle at the bike shop, I went that day to get a unicycle (my first) and i purchased it. It’s held up pretty good so far and is a pretty good unicycle for beginners but i never tried really any others so this is bias. It holds up for basic stuff, but for advanced hoping and tricks you might want to look at another unicycle. All in all i have been happy so far with this unicycle but I am at the point of more then just riding it, so i am looking in for a new uni.

Which model?

There is three versions.

Norco Kris Holm Pro-Model, which is orange, it’s just an 03 KH.
Norco M-Uni, basically a Bedford Light Duty with a KH seat.
Norco Twenty, this one has a round crown frame, and weak rim/tire combo.


The 20" with Trials wheel, and Cotterless cranks, with an 03/04 KH frame.

Never seen a 24"…

I’ve got a 24" M-Uni with the KH seat, and I like it. I’m just learning, so I don’t do any tricks or muni yet, but it seems like a good starter unicycle.

I was looking @ buying the m-uni 20" as my first uni for 200$ is that good??

and do they have cotterless crank??

any help appreciated!

this may sound stupid but

does that uni have a brake??

i have a norco twenty four, and a norco 19" M-uni (actually a trials, but the marketing people were on acid:) ).

the twentyfour has a rounded crown and a square taper hub, not meant for trials or any kind of aggressive riding, but nice for riping around town.

the 19" M-uni came with the same hub as the 24" and i broke it in three hours of riding (my friend bought the same one later and bent the hub in his first week of riding, then snapped the crank within two weeks) . The frame is good, it came with a alex 32 rim, and a kh seat, i replaced. The cranks and hub with kris holm parts, and now it is a good unicycle.

i ended up spending as much on upgrades as i would have if i had just bought a KH20 in the first place. I would not reccomend buying Norco unicycles for anything other than learning, and casual “no-hops” riding.

hope this helped.

not yet, but it can have a brake mounted on it

ahh I get it

thats awsome