Norco Beginner to Trials conversion

My little brother is getting a Nimbus trials soon and I’m getting my old beginner uni back from him. I’ve been considering turning it into another trials uni. (I already have a KH 20)

I was thinking of getting a Nimbus ISIS hub and KH cranks and lace them with the 19" Alex rim that I got from Isaac when I bough his BC. (I don’t use the BC too much, so I put the platforms on another wheel) I’m putting all of this on my Norco frame.
Before I do all this, I was wondering if anyone knew if the hub would fit the bearing holders on the Norco 24"? Also, is this a good idea in general?

Nevermind. Just tried my KH wheel in it and the bearing holders are too small. :frowning:

Too small like didn’t go onto the bearings, or didn’t line up? Because you can squeeze the frame in and onto the bearing if the frame is too wide.


The diameter of the KH bearings are a little bigger than the bearing holder. As far as I know, this is not a good thing to try.

there’s 2mm in the difference. It’s less of an issue with ungeared hubs as teh bearings are less sensitive, but it can still cause issues I beleive.

fyi, ISIS hubs are 42mm bearings, cotterless are 40mm.

So is there anyway I could make this work, or should I just keep the unicycle as a beginner?

THe cranks and the hub is messed up, so I need to buy those anyway. I might just get another cotterless set and fix it up.