NORBA Uni-trials champs

So. We ended up at Mt. Snow the week of the Chevy trucks NORBA National Championships. Within one full day at the mountain we had dozens of importaint and unimportaint people seeking us out all over the place asking us to do uni-trials demos and to compeat in the observed trials comps and to put their companys logos all over our unicycles. It was like, everywhere we went people had already heard about us and wanted to come up and talk to us. We rode with some, scratch that, the best bike trials riders in the nation. Felt like absolute pro riders, and had a great time.

But enough about us. NORBA now boasts an official Uni-trials catagory. One which they expect to grow and nationaly rank more then just 3 riders in more then one class. And they expect to grow and adapt their sections to be more uni friendly with the help of other uni riders. This could be a very very productive, good, positive start to progressing the sport in the way we want it to be progressed.

3 people actualy learned to unicycle, and fully expect to be doing beginer to sport class trials in time for next year, one person we met who already could ride, has started building himself a muni. He works there, and is planing on riding the mountain every day instead of racing sport DHMT.

So, what i’m sayin is, we should all be there next time. Ittle be fun.


Sounds like a great time. I think I may be missing part of the thread or maybe it didn’t make it onto RSU…where is Mt. Snow? I haven’t heard of this competition before. Can you fill us in more on the details? Sound like an up and coming thing. I’m taking an semi-educated guess on what NORBA means.


Glad to hear you had such a good time. I’ve had similiar experiences myself by hitting up a BMX track or two around here. This year I’m going to try and hit up the State races in January when season rolls back around, or even some Nationals if one comes to Tampa, Orlando, or Daytona. Profile is about an hour and a half away from my house, so I’m thinking about swinging in to see those guys too.

Mt. Snow Vermont. Wrong coast for many of you I suppose. NORBA…National OffRoad Biking Association. I think… Its the big one. The winner of the NORBA Nationals in each cat represents the US internationaly. Mt. Snow usualy hoasts the championship finals at the end of a big tour all over the US that lasts the whole season. Its big for the down hill and cross country races. Unfortunatly the trials end of it seems to be slowly dying out. But it was always somewhat small and underground in the first place. Its a very NAUCC/unicon kinda feel but everybody has these odd training wheels on their unicycles. Apparently thats normal for that part of the country. Who’da thunk?