Noobs Unleashed

I have really enjoyed reading the write-ups people have posted here, and have been pretty impressed with all the positive response to people learning to ride.

So, here’s mine. Maybe this will bring back fond memories to the long time veterans. Maybe it will encourage people just starting out. Or maybe no one will care and it will just slide out of view over the next couple days. :slight_smile:

It all started when Jason posted here if there were any unicyclers in the area that he could learn with. I gave him my phone number, we talked, and then last Saturday, my son Brandon (age 12) and I went up to his house for some riding.

We meet the family, talk a little bit, and then head over to a park near his house to try some riding. It had snowed a couple days before, so we were hoping to find someplace dry and flat with something to hold on to while we get on.

We show up at the park. We find a little covered picnic area with 4 tables and a patio that was maybe 50 feet long mostly clear of snow, and decide to give it a try. My son, by far the best out of all of us, hops on and starts heading down the sidewalk and around the park. He makes it about 70% around before his first UPD.

Jason and I on the other hand usually don’t make the end of the patio before we fall. I was delighted to see that we were both pretty even in ability.

After a while, we get to the point where we get to the end of the patio and can turn to go down the sidewalk about half the time. My son, bored with us, has decided to take his unicycle thru the little kids play area. He’s not really riding, but holding on to the hand rails while peddling over the little bridges and different things that were there.

After about 2 hours, Jason and I are feeling like we are actually riding. Maybe going 50-100 meters, and finding ourselves able to ride down the sidewalk without veering wildly into the grass or bushes.

Brandon decides he wants to learn how to go down curbs. So he takes off, and rides off one on his first try. He comes back and has me come watch. Take two wasn’t so successful, and he bangs his knee and elbow pretty good. He decides to take a break for a while, and after a few minutes starts playing some cute dogs that someone brought out for a walk.
(Time to get that boy some pads I guess.)

After about 3 hours, saddle soreness, tiredness, and hunger were getting the better of us. We end the day sort of chasing each other around a small turn around, and call it a day.

Neither Jason or I got as far as my son did on his first ride… but it was the first time either of us really felt like we were actually riding. It was a heck of a lot of fun, and we are looking forward to the next time we can get together.

good, im glad that you guys are really getting into it
and congrats to brandon, it took me like a week to get that far

If you guys ever want to join us for one of my rare Sacramento area group rides (no snow here), let me know and I can add your email address to my list. If you don’t mind driving a little farther there’s a much bigger group of riders in the Bay area and they get together nearly every weekend. They have an automated list I can tell you about as well. Please send to my email address below, to make sure I notice your request.

Welcome to unicycling!

Noobs unleashed

I’m just learning how to ride. I can do about 10 feet.