I’m going for a completely noob thread here.
I have only been on a unicycle for about a month and I’m finding it really hard to learn any tricks. I don’t often get the chance to ride with anybody else, so I’m trying to self motivate.
How long did people take between learning to unicycle and doing tricks?
Also are there any really good tricks to learn first that will build my confidence and be within my reaches? I’m trying to ride a certain distance everyday so that my general balance and strength builds up… anything else I should be doing?

What can you do now?

Static mount, figure 8’s w/ circles w/in 1.5 m. diameters, iddling, hopping, riding standing off the saddle, SIF, SIB, one foot (L & R), wheel walk, riding backwards.

I was a VERY slow learner (I have parallysis in my lower legs, hips and glutes). It took me 2 mo to learn and 6 to ride off a curb. About 18 mo. after getting my uni I started learning SIF, SIB, & backwards, then could do it w/ some consistency after 4 mo at 5 hrs/wk. Almost a year after I started to uni, I could ride some of my trails. I still can’t freemount or hop:(

Sorry, I should have given more details in the first post!

I can freemount, jump mount, run mount, 180 mount, unicycle forward for a good distance before getting tired rather than falling off from lack of balance. I can’t do figure 8’s yet, been trying but i find turning quite hard. I can hop pretty well. Onto benches, sideways about a meter, up curbs forwards. I have ridden down some sets of stairs, about 5 steps each. I can ride a little standing off the saddle, but no chance SIF or SIB, tried and failed! I have been trying crankflips, but finding them pretty hard. I have come reasonably close to 180 unispins.
I think turning and idling need to be high on my list of things to learn.
I think that’s about it so far.

Before unispins and crankflips, should come 1 footed riding, wheelwalking (1 foot and 2 foot) and especially riding backwards (and hopping…).

There’s no real time-table for these things. Everyone is different, some more remarkably than others, when it comes to learning times.

The biggest advice anyone could give you is to not go over your head. Get the basic, easier skills down first (i.e. one-footing, backwards riding, hopping (SIF and SI), etc.)) before trying more advanced things.

I’d agree, just go slow until you can mount, hop, and ride consistently. Once you’ve got those down, you can start learning harder things like unispins and harder tricks

Well I sort of have. I can jump mount and rolling mount 19 times out of 20 and I unicycled about 1.5miles today with only a couple of rests!
I’d to be learning as I go. I’m planning to unicycle the 1.5-2miles each day.

I have been trying to learn crank flips, so I was out just playing about on the drive and I landed my first zero plant! I was so surprised that I didn’t realise at first! I think I am going to try to follow the various tutorials and hopefully, with time, crankflips could be the first street/flat trick I learn:)

uni jugs,
do you have knee/shin armour and/or gloves?

Oh yes, all of the above!
I BMX as well as unicycle, so I know all about pain from pedals and the floor!