i’m looking to start unicycling…

above is an auction i’ve seen, these are stupidly cheap.

any comments on the suitability for a learner unicycle? or any reccomendations for a learner, if it’s not worth getting poo - i won’t.


They don’t look bad. The bearing holders are of the “main cap” type, that are better than the really cheap one-piece “lollipop” ones. 20" wheel is genarally considered to be the easiest size to learn on. If you can pick one up really cheaply then go for it. What you get if you buy a more expensive unicycle is extra strength and durability (stronger hub, rim, better saddle etc), but that won’t start to matter until you get better at riding - how long that is depends on how fast you pick it up and what type of riding you get into.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth looking at to see what is available and as a comparison. My first unicycle was a “adult learner” 20", and it’s still easily good enough for practicing freestyle riding. If I was into trials, on the other hand, I probably would have broken the wheel by now.

Good luck.


Get a yellow one, it’ll make you go faster because it is yellow.

daang, 1 pound? thats cheap. it doesn’t look like crap, but you never know…I recommend buying from, it’s most unicyclist’s main source for unicycles.

now lets not count out bedford here… hes got alot of good unis too

What is that on the seatpost? Shocks??!

They look like perfectly decent beginners unicycles (from the standpoint of someone who had a 24" Torker CX as his first uni)

i agree. yellow is the way to go. yellow all the way!

I’d say order one. They look okay, and even if it’s terrible you didn’t lose much money. :slight_smile: Beginner uni’s always get beat up anyway.

P.S. I agree with the others, yellow is the way to go.