(Noob) Unintended zig-zagging?

Among various UPD’s today I managed three runs of about 60-120 feet or so.
I noticed that later on those runs, once i’d stabilized from the start, I was zigzagging in time with pedalling - every time i’d push down the right pedal i’d turn left, and vice versa. It was about a 30 degree turn and it was sharp enough that I could hear the tire turning on the ground (flat cobblestone) each stroke as I neared vertical.
Any comments on what I might be doing and how to fix it? On the longest run, it was enough to foul my balance at the end because I was having to work too hard to keep moving.

Pedal more smoothly (also the secret to riding faster and rails) and practice, but you won’t be able to elliminate the wobbles entirely.:o With practice the wobble will become negligible on easy terrain.:slight_smile:

It will be easier on a smooth surface. I liked a local tennis court. A gym floor would be better if you have access to one.

Make sure your weight is on the seat. Too much weight on the pedals will cause you to turn like you are now.

Also, keep practicing, soon youll get rid of them and be able to ride straight. Just look at the people riding skinnies. They have to be able to ride straight. =p

Jerrick is wise and speaks the truth. When you are learning you tend to put a lot of weight on the pedals to make a correction to keep from falling. Try to remember to relax back into the seat after each correction.

Dont pedal in a “vertical” sense, concentrate on moving your feet in circles at the same speed while you ride. it helps me when riding ledges…

Okay, that helped. Had to imagine nails coming out of the pedals so that i’d cringe away from standing up onto them. Managed to go about 100-150 feet or so a few times, once out of a free mount.
(For those who seem to collect noob freemount techniques, start with the pedal verticle, put foot on vertical pedal, put seat into crotch and clear the boys, then jump forward while stepping down, other foot will land on other pedal when it’s about at the halfway point moving forward. Good because I can clear before I jump, and when I land i’m moving forward and not vertical.)

Were you moving vertical before? :stuck_out_tongue: Congratulations on the mounting/riding.

Well… y’know… the crank was vertical, and the uni wasn’t moving… well, the wheel wasn’t anyways…


For me, I found it very difficult to do this on purpose but it was something that came with practice and greater skill. I’d say don’t worry, just ride and relax as much as you can.

Well, i’m pretty sure I can go in a straight line now, both down and up slight inclines, and freemounting is working well (As above, but while getting on throw hands forward like a breaststroke in swimming to get balance forward/back), I did a number of runs of about 120 feet or so.

The reason there weren’t longer ones though, is because after 120 feet, in the spot i’ve been practicing at, I have to turn a corner, two actually because it’s a large jag around a section of lawn with a tree and a kerb, and that had a tendency to go all to hell. Any suggestions there?