noob thread

heres a thread for all of the noobs to post on. learning, hopping,idling stuff like that. so here ya go.

Sounds great. Please also post here instead of creating new threads. Any new threads. :smiley:

noob noob

Corection- newb, not noob. I’m pretty sure they’re both different have different meanings.

I dont like the word noob
its like an insult, beginner thread would be better IMO.


Beginners would feel more welcomed and more likely to post in a “beginners” thread, not one with an insulting title.
These things need to be thought out a bit more…


I’m sorry, but Noob isnt blocked by jagex, and jagex is all up on insults. so,

-3 to you.

beginner would sound good, but this gets the points across as well.

ya but I know the on my first day’s here this would kinda scare me .

it wouldnt to me. but thats just me.

I’m not scared.

I’m so new here and this is my first post. But maybe I just don’t know enough to be scared!

This might also be a good place to collaborate all those individual new threads.
a new rider
This might help

Here are two, I know someone is more bored then I am to get more.

That’s 2003 and 2004 live in the now;)

This is the thread you’re looking for.

558 replies and 22,000 views, and regular updates on peoples progress learning to ride.

No need for a new thread.

begginer thread

well then its a begginer thread. whats the diffrence it really does not matter very much.

NoOb, NeWb, nOOb!!!

Hey I have two questions, I’ve only been riding for 2 months and the only people I’ve ever seen on unicycles have all been on youtube so I don’t know some basic stuff.

When I hop around on my uni, I have the seat straight under me with my hand on the front bumper, but I see the videos of people riding with their hands on the side of the seat. My question, how do you hold the side of the seat and keep the seat straight up? Because when I try that, the seat ends up tilted way out in front so I couldn’t imagine having any control like that.

The second question is how do you get the seat out in front of your legs because my legs are always too close together for the seat to pass through without me pulling and wiggling it out which throws off my balance?

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s a more advanced way of hopping, it increases your max potential hop height. It’s called SIF (Seat In Front). Don’t worry about trying to hop SIF until you can hop, say 1 ft or 30 cm+ SI (Seat In).

I learned to ride SIF holding onto a fence. I learned to do it w/ either hand - good for when one hand gets tired and could be good in some trials situations.

I recomend learning to ride SIF first, then how to pull the seat out. At first the whole uni is going to wobble like crazy. Stabilize it w/ your holding hand and pedal w/ REALLY SMOOTH circles.

For SIF you need the seat lower than for normal riding, but most like it higher than for SI trials.