noob questions

Hey all,
I’m just learning to ride, and I’m getting a lot of good information
from this group. But a lot of the terminology is new to me (“sif” for
example.) Is there a FAQ for this group that you could point me to? Or
possibly a website that has some kind of glossary of uni terms?

sif - seat in front

just look at the unicycle skills levels on might give you a better understanding

Seat in Front

Soon I will put a list of acronyms on, as I often have the feeling not everyone understands everything.

good idea.

This is of some help, I believe.

If you use the forum, rather than the news group, you get an FAQ button on the screen, and a search facility.

  • BC = BC wheel: a wheel with no pedals or cranks. Just platforms on the ends of the axle. Named after the character in the BC cartoons who rides a stone wheel. Sometimes called an impossible wheel.
  • KH Kris Holm. KH24 is a Kris Holm 24 inch uni, for example.
  • MUni = Mountain Unicycle.
  • SIF = Seat In Front - riding with the seat in front of you, held with one or both hands.
  • TUni = Trails Unicycle.
  • UPD = UnPlanned Dismount. Ironic reference to falling off.
  • UW = Ultimate Wheel. Like a unicycle with no frame or seat. Just a wheel and pedals.
  • XC = cross country - a particular version of the KH MUni.

I added that to Tyler’s thread.

sib = seat in back

ww = wheelwalk

TCOB= Taking care of business*

*BTO= Bachman Turner Overdrive

hehe that’s awsome^^

Here is a beginning.

Almost correct, but UPD is certainly NOT falling; the acronym was created to describe the situation of unplanned dismounting WITHOUT falling.

The 1st BC rider (or at least one of the very first) decided to name it “before christ wheel”. BC in BC comics also stands for Before Christ. I’m in doubt wether the BC-wheel in the comic appeared before or after the BC-wheel IRL. I will ask the creator.

Falling off of the unicycle…not falling to the ground/wipeout.

In my book there are:
Mild UPD’s
Auckward UPD’s - lots of auwkward movements to get my feet under me
Bad UPD’s - not staying on feet uppon landing.

If I have either of the later two I temporarily scale back my riding a tad.

I love the fact that he has a widely recognised acronym for a name. Damn that guy kicks ass.

Nobody calls it that.


Reminds me to the IRC quote I ever saw on

But is WTF also a unicycle-specific acronym?