Noob- hey all!

Hi folks, I’ve been lurking around here for a couple of weeks now getting caught up on the latest Uni-scene. I’m not new to uni as I started riding almost 25 years ago on a flea-market Schwinn (which I still have). Here’s my back story.

After starting out bouncing off of the walls of my parents house I finally managed to start riding my 20" pretty well. Some how I got my little sis to learn to ride too. We found out that a little bike shop in Golden (CO) (self propulsion) actually sold uni’s and had a club formed to goof off with and ride in Parades. So sis and I joined up and we ended up with a Schwinn 24" and for x-mas one year a Miyata giraffe (aka the long flamingo). We did shows and parades in Golden and Denver. We even got hired to entertain a wedding party by playing uni-polo. My skills back then were decent with a kick mount, hops, 1 foot, hops on the giraffe (which miyata’s don’t like much), juggling and so on.

Since we had a lot of indoor practice at my local elementary school we had to convert the schwinns to non-marking tires. Those sneaky schwinn designers should have been shot for the odd ball tire sizes on the s-5/s-7 rims. No problem, we got a new 20" bmx rim and relaced it on the uni and used a killer tioga comp slick (great tire for street/freestyle) and on the 24" we went to the local wheelchair shop and picked up a grey pnuematic wheelchair tire that happens to use the same oddball size as the Schwinn. Problem solved.

Fast forward and now I’ve got a son of my own who’s video game habit had both my wife and I worried we need to get him a new hobby. I mentioned to him about my uni’s at his grandparent’s house and bet him he couldn’t ride it. He had to see me do it first of course. I hadn’t got up on one wheel in 10 years or so, but figured the feeling will come back. Other than having to use a LOT more pressure in the tire (I’m a little heavier than I once was) I managed to hop on and putt around. Granted I could tell my center of gravity was slightly higher than it used to be so the ride was wobbly at best. Still I proved it to the boy and that was all the challenge he needed.

We brought the 20" home for him to learn on and he can already get 10 feet off of the back of a car. We even got the nieghbor kid iterested in it to the point he needed one of his own. He got a torker LX a week after we bought ours home. He’s a converted Skater who has drobbed the board completly for Uni. Quick lerner too as he can already ride around the block without any upd.

Found this site looking for info to help my boy learn and read up a bunch. I thought about it and couldn’t think of a better way to shed some poundage while getting back on one wheel. So I’ll be bringing back my 24" Schwinn and another 24" Cycle pro to get back into riding shape on before spending money on a new uni made in this century!

Once I get my 10yr old riding better we might even take on some of the trails near our house for some light x-country or muni…

Just wanted to poke my head in and say Hi as I don’t think I would have thought much further about riding again until I saw this place. Thanks for the insperation!

hi. good story.

Howdy! Another unicyclist is born.

This forum has kept me riding many times. Its good inspiration alright.

Thanks for the replies. Reading up here got me thinking so much about getting back in the saddle. A few of the threads about shedding pounds helped for sure. I think having my son see me do the impossible was the kicker though. He couldn’t imagine me on one wheel and the look on his face when I wobbled towords him on a uni was priceless.

I can’t wait to get my 24’s back so I can really get started. The 20" Schwinn’s bolt through seat post isn’t condusive to swapping riders from short to tall. I’d rather let my boy get used to it. The 24" fits better with my long legs anyways. I’m itching to ride something larger like a 26/29/36 to see the speed. Better get my legs/balance back first I think!

Yeah, maybe just get used to the others first, then go for a 29" or 36! You’ll feel like Superman on one wheel!

I dont know if you’ve rode around much in front of other people, but trust me, you have many more priceless looking faces coming your way. Along with a bunch of people who will make fun of you…but that’s just part of the sport. Me can do it, and they cant! HEHEH!

Anyway, if ya have any questions dont hesitate to ask.

Yeah I got used to the comments and stares. But then again when I was a kid I was bigger than most at my age so nobody really pushed me around.

Now though, I imagine getting some odd looks. I’m sure I look pretty goofy on one wheel. A bigger wheel might make it look a little more in proportion. So once I get more comfortable I’ll look at getting a 29" wheel as I really can’t justify the coin for a 36’er yet.