nOOb help!

I have started unicycling a year ago, and although my trials and muni is getting okay, I have a few questions. I would have posted this on the tutorial section, but people said I would have more responses here.

  1. I am have trouble ww. I can do 3-4 strokes, before I fall off. I have practiced, but I always seem to fall forwards.
  2. Can rolling sif be done? Is it effective?
  3. I’ve seen president lukes vid, and he did a kind of crankflip, but he still had his feet on the pedals what is this called? I can do a half revolution, almost a 270, but I can’t get a full rotation. I would have looked this up, but I didn’t know the name of the trick
  4. I have 145 profiles, and I would like to learn how to crankflip. Would the length of my cranks cause difficulties to learn to crankflip?
  5. How long does it take on average to crankflip?
  6. I want to get my frame and cranks powder coated silver, how much would this cost?

Any help would be great!
Thanks a lot!


  1. practice practice practice. maybe lightly touching a wall/fence while WWing to help you get the feel of it? arch your back forwards a little, if your not already.

  2. Zack Baldwin rolling hops 180 SIF onto picnic tables. But I would say for normal people they aren’t much help.

  3. It’s called a rotater, or rev. It’s not a crankflip since the cranks don’t… flip.

  4. short cranks can help, but LOTS of people have learned crankflips on 140 or 145’s. Shaun J. has done triple flips on 145’s, and Tomsey has done double backs on 145’s.

  5. I’ll tell you whenever I get around to acctually learning them.:slight_smile:

kick jump ctach land

This was my case for one full year. Then one day last week, it just hit me and I could do it. It just takes lots of practice (in my case, lots and lots and lots of practice…) Unlike most other tricks where there is a realization of “Oh, that’s how it works!”, this one just kind of happens without you realizing it.

The best advice I have for wheelwalking is to take it real slow. Try to go as slow as you can and not get ahead of the wheel. Some people say that going up hill helps, but it was no use to me.

For wheel walking, dont really lean back more, but stick your but out more, so it makes your frame lean back and not be straight up and down, then your body should be tilted forwards.

Start slow, and keep it slow, zig-zag if you have to. Just keep practicing. WW takes a while.

while we’re on the topic (sorry for the threadjack danni) I have a quick question on WW too…

so I’m riding forwards and I want to start wheelwalking. do I come to a stop and start WWing, or do I just put my feet up there while I’m still moving? I ask because I find it tough to stay balanced after coming to a stop and then starting my WW.

I usually start when I’m going slow. I put my left foot down, while I move my right foot on the tire. I quickly move my left foot for the second stroke. Hope this helps!


ill have to try that