Noob from Texas

What’s your name? Mike

Where do you come from? Tyler, Texas

What is your experience of unicycling? I rode a friends uni, I think a 16”, a bunch in college. Then got back on a 20” about 10 years ago, but I had other hobbies that took most of my time. Now I am at a point where I need more cardio and core exercise than my other hobbies are giving me, so I am getting back into uni and hopefully muni…or at least woodsy trail riding.

All that said, I ask looking for my next ride. I’m thinking my eventual ride will be around a 28”, but don’t think I am ready to jump into something that big yet. Is it a reasonable plan to get a 24” now and practice for several months regularly and then jump straight to a 28”?

If 24” is a good (re)starting point got me, any recommendations?



You are definitely on the right path. A 24” muni would be great to start with, and then (if you want) up-size to a 27.5+ Muni with a brake or a 29” muni with a brake. The brake will be beneficial when/if you plan to make downhill muni a part of your routine. In Tyler, you will be able to find some trails that require a brake.


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Sounds like a plan! Look at M4O, Nimbuses or KH (though, KH’s are super expensive now if you buy new). I’m not sure about QU-AX but it might be good too.

I found the Duro Leopard tyre that comes stock on many 24” munis very heavy but it can be switched out.

Warning, Muni and wood trails can be much more cardio intensive than other more straightforward Unicycling so you are definitely choosing the right thing! That plus hills :slight_smile:

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This is the biggest problem with 24" unicycles. IMO, it’s still the best size for technical muni, but unfortunately there are only a handful of tires still available. Of those, I’d say the Duro Wildlife Leopard/Razorback is the best. It may be heavy, but it has an aggressive tread and the sidewalls make it better for hopping. I rode for several months on a Specialized Big Roller too, and while it is much lighter, I found that I lost traction repeatedly in wet conditions and that I had to run a higher tire pressure to keep the tire from folding.

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