Nonexistent *Yet* unicycles

I was thinking, There has not been a thread where you can post ideas of a unicycle made of different parts to see what people think of them, before you go out and buy the parts… so, I’ll go first to show you what I mean, then you put yours down or just criticise my ideas :roll_eyes:

Right… so mine. I can guaruntee you will not like the frame, but hey!

Seatpost Clamp

I’ve never found weight an issue, I’ve got used to do trials on my nimbus 26" MUni… so I thought that I may need a trials now
Your turn :smiley:

This is a unicycle forum. stick to the threads.
Anyway… anyone got ideas for the next uni the want?
put the parts down in this thread

Actually, apparently it’s not, the build tollerence is just low enougth to allow for it, and also on the custom nimbuses thread, the first page has one.
about the hub,
I will do. what is better, the quax yellow or nimbus?

it will all work, but you still need spokes.

Actually, this is a “product reviews” forum. You can’t review a nonexistent unicycle.

Furthermore, a few threads just like this one have been posted in Rec.Sport.Unicycling.

I have heard that double bolt seat post clamps are better, but I forget why and a carbon fiber seat base would also be a nice touch.

Or any splined setup with 40mm bearings…

bah don’t worry about the bearing caps to much, It would probably be fine.

I have been running a Nimbus ISIS hub in a Yuni frame with 40mm pressed bearing holders for a year now with no problems.

In theory the pressed bearing holders put uneven pressure on the bearings making them wear faster but most people never have a problem with it.

And no need for a shim for the bearings, a shim would just make things worse as your “problem” is your bearings are to big for the frame not too small.

My unicycle.

im going to get this when i go to america its going to be sweet:) rim hub crank saddle seat post spokes frame pedal

edit:will the cranks and hub match ?

Nope, they will not match. Just get the nimbus Hub. Well, you could get the quax isis hub, but I don’t know where.

I was replying to a post that has now been reported. This guy was on about runescape so I said were in the unicycle forums not a runescape thing.

about the ones before, I did use the search engine but did not find any, so sorry for not checking ‘better’

mr joel, the hub and rim wont match up either, the koxx rim is 36 spoke and the hub is 48 spoke. the cranks also wont fit

Anyone look at mine yet?

Just took a quick peek. The hub/crank choice is questionable, the early batches of those cranks were easily bent/broken with hard riding, I muni on them with no problem but I know how you young guns like to beat up your gear. Also moments are seriously cheaper.

Nah, I dont like the moments, I like the more round tubular bmx style cranks.
If i would grind the pinch bolt off of my DX cranks, and it still work, that would be great, but i cant because its required for them to clamp. Maybe i can clamp them down and weld them on or something, then grind the nub off.
They are also very heavy, so i wanted lighter ones. Its either the qu-ax cranks, or the koxx street cranks.

I would go with this rim.

It’s a little cheaper, and really wide for a 20" rim. I think you’ll really like the feel of the wider rim on your unicycle, without sacrificing any “zippiness” you may get from the 20" thin tires.

haha runescape… i used to do that… good times.

The hazzard is actually very wide, almost as much as the dj.
It is also alot lighter, and stronger.

I read the hazard is 32mm wide, that’s not really close to that nimbus rim.
How much does the nimbus rim weigh?