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  • Scott Hone wrote:
  • |> And then this guy introduces me to his “bike”. (Sorry to all those people
  • |> who hate this expression). I jumped on it in the car park outside the lo
  • Will somebody PLEASE volunteer to take Scott to the gallows? I suggest
  • you put him on a ten-foot giraffe. How fitting it would be to "kick the
  • wheel" rather than the proverbial bucket :slight_smile: :->…
  • Regards, Jack Halpern

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Hey man, that is what HE called it!, but it is funny to see people not
take a joke.

bike bike bike bike bike bike

After the play I was in finished, my friends mother came up to me and said “you
were great on your …what do you call it, One tricycle? …”

“Unicycle” I giggled .

have fun.

Oh, nearly forgot, I was riding down the mall in my (fame me) …bike bike bike
bike bike one tricycle (for all those with little sense of humour or sick of me
being stupid and idiotic -UNICYCLE) and had excellent fun pushing off poles
doing pirouettes (sp?) and stuff. dodging people and trying to wheelwalk and
falling off because my leg got stuck somewhere it shouldn’t. and coming up with
witty responses like “fuck off!” to jerks with no imagination… ah

“and the daffodils look lovely today”



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