Non unicycling friend with a dx muni/trials

Hey guys, i just realized what a waste my friend did. Ok, the story goes that i wanted to go unicycling with him a bit. He had(has) a bit of interest in unicycling, just no initiative. I told him to buy something like my beginner uni. He totaly disregards me, and goes and buys a torker dx 20’’ lol… He hasnt tryed to ride it in over half a year now. It sits in his garage, in the corner, on a freestanding stand, awaiting someone to give it the ride of its life.

i was thinking of purchasing this uni, but instead my unicyclist is better. Mine can hold up to far more im pretty sure. Just a peiced together nimbus/frankenstien sort of thing (look at my avatar)

yeah anyway. who else thinks its a waste of my friend to leave a half good unicycle like that. Someone should start a deserted unicycle organization. Of which the purpose to take unicycles that are in fairly good condition, that just havent been ridin in a while, and arent intended to be riden. Yeah whatever… Just random thoughts on thursday night

I have a perfectly good Cromo framed cargo bike just chained up under my deck, I have only rode it 3 times since september…

Lots of people have nice stuff that they don’t necessarily use as much as they should. I love my cargo bike, I Xtracycled my bike 3 years ago and had the bike for 7 years before that. I may not use it much anymore but I have no desire to get rid of it.

If he ever wanted to sell his DX here is a good place for him to advertise it. :slight_smile:

Torker and UDC (or whoever sold it) doesn’t. :slight_smile: This world is full of toys and pieces of exercise equipment that never get used. We have this eliptical trainer…

They already did. It’s called eBay! Where do you think all those old Schwinns are coming from? :slight_smile:

I’d buy it off him just to save the uni.

Or just teach him to ride it.