Non-uni posts

I must say that the new newsgroup location is wonderful mainly for its
lack of spam. However, enough of the boring, sometimes denigratory and
often tawdry religious / sexual / non-unicycling related trivia. (This
paradoxically being a case in point)

In an attempt to regain a unicycling flavour to this post: is anybody in
Australia going to go to (or know anything about) the Adelaide Fringe
Festival Circus Training Workshops? They start in late February. I hope to
be there with a variety of unicycles, and will be touring around Vic and
NSW through Feb next year if anybody wants to meet up and ride.

Thanks, Nic Price

20 of the last 25 posts relate directly to the act of cycling, or supporting skills, or educational info. Of the remaining 5, all but one relate to Uni culture -2 were duplicated threads about public reaction to Unicycling, 2 toung-in-cheek (who’s, I’m not sure) duplicate threads about copulating on Unicycles.

There were no discussions of religion- unless you count Unicycling- which would score 25, or 100%.

There is very little off topic here- except this thread.

Have a Uni related post to make- make it; if people are interested, they will read it and post to it. I, for one, do not need any help with this decision.

This forum has the highest attention to subject topic of any forum I frequent. :smiley:

I’m eager to hear your Uni-related contrabutions. :slight_smile:

Christopher LeFay

Reply to Nicholas Price

I’m a Melbourne based rider, I’d enjoy saying hello and having a ride with you.

I also suggest that you try Hakan Yaman (Hakan L Yaman [] he is a member of the AUS exec and is trying to get a Vic Uni Society going.