non splined trials uni good?

okay i just ordered this uni to do street and trials on i weigh about 80 pounds and would this uni hold up to 3 feet drops is it a strong uni the only thing is its not splined does that realy make a difference

heres some pics

I have that unicycle. :slight_smile:

If you’re light like you say you are, 3 foot drops will be a cinch. I have done 4-5 drops on mine, but that starts to break things.

Splines do make a huge difference, but as you’re so light if you use good technique 3 foot drops should be fine for a while.

I think non-spline trials uni’s are perfectly fine for people under 150 pounds. I’ve had my Nimbus Trials Unicycle since August, and I have had no bending whatsoever. I weigh about 120 pounds and I have taken it off of a 4 foot drop.

if your paying tha much for it why not just buy a dx or qu-ax splined…just so you dont regret it later

they are good if you are light and have a good rollout, but investing in a splined, even if your light and have a good rollout, will just be better =p

okay but i got it on sale for 200 and dont splined hubs and cranks weigh a lot

Yes, especially the affordable ones. If you only weight 80 pounds then you shouldn’t worry about getting a splined unicycle for a while. Get one with a square tapered hub; it will weigh much less and still last a long time.

From all the threads about the DX frame breaking I think he’s better off with an original KH frame, and he can upgrade to splined when he grows big enough to damage the hub.