non-splined hub

hey can anyone tell me what would be the best NON-SPLINED hub and crankset to get for a 24-26 inch uni?

What length cranks are you looking for?

160-175mm i would be using this for light MUni most likely so im looking for something strong but i dont want to spend the money on a splined set up.

most non splined hubs are the same in terms of strength i think…there isnt really a best or worst. i would recomend saving for a splined it’ll be worth it in the long run.

There has been at least one other discussion on this in the not so distant past. Maybe try a search.

yeah well i already have a splined MUni, but see at school im part of this thing we call outdoor ed where we go whitewater canoeing, and we do some hiking. I asked the teacher if i could bring my MUni on the hikes and he said i could. I dont really want to bring my Splined one to school, because if someone stole it, or broke that would be bad. So i thought a lighter MUni with a little less value would be a good idea. None of the riding would really require a Splined hub, so im not too worried about busting it up on the trails. The only other option would be to beef up my sun 28 with a different tire and the allow rim.

maybe you could buy a cheap muni like the nimbus and upgrade witha qu-ax hub and cranksetthe whole thing would costya bout 350 from UDC or you could just do a nimbus without the qu-ax hub…its up to you.

thats a good idea ty

Renegade Juggling has the Koxx ISIS hub and cranks for not much more than a square taper setup:

Actually a decent square taper setup would be about the same price, or a little more. The cost is in the cranks, not the hub.

Re: non-splined hub

On Wed, 15 Feb 2006 20:08:14 -0600, The Bruiser wrote:

>hey can anyone tell me what would be the best NON-SPLINED hub and
>crankset to get for a 24-26 inch uni?

What do you mean by “best”? I think the strongest non-splined
unicycling hub is the Muniac Drastic Light Foot. But it is expensive
and (I think) you can’t change the cranks yourself.

If you are getting a non-splined hub make sure it is cotterless not cottered. And if you want it to have any strength get one that is CroMo not standard steel.

eg from which at $25 (+$25 for cranks = $50) is cheaper than Koxx splined $69 (+$79 for cranks=$148), but the splined hub & crankset will be stronger.


Easily the Nimbus MUni a very very strong uni. I had a trials one and i did 1m + drops on it
I STRONGLY reccomend it.