non-slip material for flat crowned forks

My torker dx has a flat “crown” (kindof an oxymoron) where you can put your foot/feet for WW, gliding, etc., but it’s very smooth and slippery. Has anyone ever tried putting on something like that non-slip stuff like they have on skateboards to keep your feet from slipping off the top of the fork?

Griptape…yeah it would work. I have seen crowns with pins in them. The KHs have noodles. Grip tape wouldn’t give as much grip as those but more than nothing.
I have griptape on my crankarms and it makes them less slippery for tricks where my feet are on the cranks.

ive seen ppl use the grip tape and it seemed to work, i have never tried it personally but it seem like it would work, and grip tape is very cheap and easy to buy

yeah grip tape is a good material to use for fork crowns and cranks for that bit of extra grip!!

grip tape is available at any skate(board) shop !! and it is quite cheap and u get the size of a skateboard worth if u buy it from a skate shop, and that amount will last u a while!!

or u could go to a hardware store, they should have something like it, i think. …

i am pretty sure that Ryan Atkins has grip tape on his kh trials crown!!

no only the muni style frames have noodles on the crown, the trials frames dont!!

If you ask nicely, skate shops will often sell you the end of a roll of griptape super cheap or give you it, it’s no use to them once it’s shorter than a board length. Same goes for off-cuts once they’ve put it on a board. You don’t need much to put on a unicycle crown.


yeah, grip tape works really well

i actually like it better on my flat-crowned kh 20 than i do the noodles on my kh 24

and u can get it at a hardware store, i think it’s really meant for putting on the edges of stairs for safety, so just ask for that
it comes in rolls at different widths (1,2,3 inches)

I had skateboard grip tape on my curved-crown 20". The skate shop had it in 9 inch wide rolls and would sell you whatever length you wanted. I got a 9inch square piece for about £2.50 around 18months ago, and haven’t had to replace it yet!

On the curved crown it was really good and effective so I reckon on a flat crown it would be even better.

Without the tape, trying to go one-footed I had to place my foot in the right position on the crown and hold it there without putting pressure on it or it would slip and hit the tyre.

With the tape, trying to go one-footed I could just slam my foot into the general direction of the crown and could put pressure (press my foot into the frame/crown) on without worrying.

Hope this helps.


yea but what do u put it on with?


plus when it wears down howv do u take it off if its glued? :astonished: :thinking:

Grip tape is sticky on one side so it sticks. I think thats why it is called grip tape. You can take it off if you need to though.

o lol i thought that…

u nob what i messed up lol now i feel stupid

I put grip tape on my older Torker DX, and after 2 days of standup wheel walking my feet forced it off. Grip tape doesn’t work for standup wheel walking.

It works for gliding, but I didn’t notice that it helps much…

I put griptape on my sem XL frame. It really helps!

The “non-stick” backing usually DOES heat up and come loose; same thing happens with sticky-back velcro, if you’re using it to support stuff vertically. I simply spread a few drops of CA glue (crazy glue) on the back, then press and hold it in place and it’s ON! :smiley:

The dude that sold me it said to heat it and the surface it’s going onto with a hair drier before sticking. I never did it and it stuck fine for me. Maybe it would stick even better with a little heat?