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A month ago I found a picture of a guy balancing his uni on his chin. I was inspired and have recently begun to get the hang of doing the same. I find this is a neat random thing to do with my unicycle and it would break things up well in a show. Does anyone else have any good tricks that they have heard of that do not involve actually riding the uni?

(I do ride and love it, I am not just some nut who walks around with a unicycle just for looks.)

dance with it (works best with giraffes)… tango, flamenco, swing… as long as it’s consistent…

Play your uni like a Banjo/Guitar. --chirokid–

Today I tried playing my guitar while on my uni. It was as easy as …well…playing the guitar while not on a uni.

Hah, I tried this today as well. I went to the beach and played some fleetwood mac and beatles songs while riding the boardwalk. People got a kick out of it. There was some difficulty, but be sure you try it WITH a guitar strap, its much easier.

You can have some interesting conversations with your unicycle sometimes.:slight_smile:

i tried playing super smash brothers while idling. it was hard due to the limited amount of floor space and the fact that i couldnt use my arms to balance. i won once though.

I love to simply eat an apple as I ride. Or carry a drink in my hand.

People think you are amazing for being able to do both, ride and drink/eat at the same time. --chirokid–

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Klaas Bil wrote:
> I know a guy who can swing and rotate his frame. He holds the wheel at
> the rim in front of himself, with both hands placed 180 deg apart,
> while the frame hangs down. A few starting swings and then the frame
> goes round and round. Requires some precisely timed grabbing and
> ungrabbing of the rim, or a painful frame/hand collision occurs.

A nice finish to this is to reach up with the dominant hand as the
seatpost swings up, timing it so that the seatpost lands neatly in your

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Hey, that post of mine didn’t make it to the forum (on its own).


Someone who wanted a challenge could probably, with practice, juggle three unicycles w/ tire’s less than 20 inches.
Or more than 20, but it would be tough.

I know this chick who does about 10 tricks a night and makes huge money for it, she says it’s dangerous work and doesn’t want her daughter to grow up to perform tricks with her life. VEry wierd I thought a perform was a perfectly respectful career choice and safe, especially if she’s performing 10 times a night, wow.


As you dismount with the wheel in fron t of you, reach down and grab the wheel with one hand.swing the uni up and out so the frame swings under the wheel and as the frame reaches vertical again let go of the tyre and catch the frame. It loos good and is some times refered to in as the unicyclists bow ( in UK unicycle chelidh circles anyway)


I like that Sarah. I think I’ll teach that to my girls. --chirokid–

so im idling near the traffic lights waiting for green, as i start to ride across the group of people crossing infront of me are like “haha a unicycle” as my mate rides past them. As i follow a couple of seconds later, I get another surpised laugh and just when the old clown stereotype jest seemed inevitable (thats a local favourite in my town) , my phone starts to ring, and i delve into pocket flip the phone open in one smooth one handed action and answer, while navigating the rest of the group. “wow that was real smooth!!!” i gave a slight nod of my head in appreciation of the compliment and rode off tlking to my g/f.

i like having fruit i can peel when riding, i also think i ride more smoothly over distance on my 20" when hands are occupied because i tend to pay too much attention to my riding normally if that makes sense

well i’m not sure if this is completely in the right forum but i feel having a few acrobatics moves up your sleve is always handy, and if you have no fear whatsoever i’m sure you could link it up with a unicycle. For example i just learnt to do a back sommersault by running up a wall (matrix fans will appreciate this). If then you could land on the unicycle (someone would need to hold it for you then let go) suicide mount style. Everyone else thanks for the cool sugestions i have already tangoed with my giraffe (lucky we are in a unicycle forum or people might thing i’m crazy) well enough of the brackets already,

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On Mon, 22 Mar 2004 16:20:13 -0600, “sarah.miller” wrote:

>the unicyclists bow

Makes me remind of what could be called the unicycle’s bow. After a
performance, if you stand beside or behind your uni to accept a round
of applause, don’t bow yourself but make the unicycle bow in two or
three directions.

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