non rider having a unicycle dream

One of my work mates, who doesn’t ride ( yet:-), and had showed no
interest in riding told me about a unicycle dream he had last night.
In his dream he was unable ti ride a uni, and then found himself riding
one effertlessly. How cool is that . Not only do I have unicycle dreams,
but I seem to prevoke them in other people.

If he come to our house warming, I will try my best to get him to " have
a go".


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Hehe, how weird!

When is your house warming Sarah??

When a workmate tells you about a dream which might be of special interest to you, be very afraid.

My boss is a lay preacher. He allegedly has dreams about me which I can immediately recognise as crudely constructed metaphors for me seeing the light and joining the one true faith (on this occasion, the OTF being Methodist).

A friend of mine (not a unicyclist) also had a unicycling dream. I was a bit frustrated because he had one before I did and I was the only unicyclist. I’ve since had 5 of them though, they’re fun!


I got a friend of mine who is dreaming of wanting to learn to ride the Unicycle. And his dream came true. When his new uni comes soon, I will be teaching him to ride it. Sometime oneday I’ll be teaching anyone on how to learn to ride the unicycle of their dreams come true.


I don’t think ive ever had any unicycling dreams, come to think of it, i dont think ive had may dreams recently. the last dream i remember having was a couple of months ago, and i cant remember what it was about!

hopefully in sarah’s case the OTF will be Uniist


Unitarian ?


Re: non rider having a unicycle dream

foolish <> wrote:

> Hehe, how weird!

> When is your house warming Sarah??

Next Sunday, on the 25th. will you be able to come along? Crash space can
be found. It would be excellent breathing space just before your exams.

Any one I havn’t invited who I should have, sorry, drop me a
line and I’ll let you know more.


Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders

I personally have never had a unicycling dream in my life, and this after about three years of on-and-off riding, but mostly the “on.” I’ve never actually thought about it at all. To those who have had these dreams, I’m curious…what happened? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully we should be :slight_smile:

In the middle of :stuck_out_tongue: