Non-Purple Nightrider Pro 36"?


I just sent this question to USA UDC and am awaiting an answer.

“I am ready to purchase a 36” unicycle and I like the Nightrider Pro, but I’d like to get one that is not purple. Is it possible?"

Anybody here have any hints on what they will say, or what other non-UDC options might exist?


Once this batch runs out there will be a new color. They may have a blue one left but who knows, you will find out. :slight_smile:

custom powdercoating is always an option…

I know there are threads about power-coating but where can you take this for them to do it for you?

local bike shops

Or look in your phone book for powder coaters is probably a better option, my guess is most bike shops don’t do it themselves and probably charge a premium, so get rid of the middle man.