non paying uni gig

some lady called me last week and asked me and my freind to ride unicycles in the silverton fine arts festival as kind of an entertainment and i was wondering if any one els had ever getten an opertunity like this before and if they could give me any tips or pointers.
thanx :smiley:

ive done 2 parades, i just ride and do some freestyle stuff like wheel walk.

i was paid 50 bucks to ride my uni and juggle for an hour.

ive ridden with a friend at school dances… mainly because ther was nothing else to do and the teacher saw us and we got invited in. also i am going to do a voluteer show at a nursing home this september.

Dress alike, and slightly unusually.
Not outrageously (neccesarily), just to make it clear that you are performers and not just hanging out.

And get hats.
To get ahead, you must have a hat.

Go thru your local thrift-shops/hospice-shops/pawn-shops, some of the best costumes in the world are hidden in those places.

How long are you expected to ‘entertain’ for?

yer definatly do it. our first gig was for nowt, after that we were offered paid gigs, and had more and more shows each year.

that was 4 years ago, and this year we had more offers than we could handle. we were doing two or three a weekend at times and we literaly couldnt do all the once we wer invited to.

im not sure how many we have in total this year as the younger children in our vilage have got into it so weve been using a second display team this year!