Non Marking Trials Tyres?

I don’t know if this thread or one similar are already out there, I did search but couldn’t find any.

I was wondering if there are any non-marking trials tyres out there which could be used indoors. the only one I’ve seen is the K1 Try-all sticky white, but I’m personally not a fan of white. The reason being is that I would like to get into hockey, and have always been interested in trials, but I can’t play hockey on a trials because of the marking tyre and can’t do trials on a freestyle unicycle!
Any suggestions?

Also while I’m at it, Does anyone from the UK know of any places to get a cheap ISIS trials unicycle from? preferably under £150… :thinking:


If i were you i would just get the try-all sticky.

I was considering it, good amount of bounce and grip and all that, but is the black try-all non marking?

I think it would be, like most other tires. Why would you make such a huge decision over just color?

Ok then, It’s not too big a deal, It’s mainly because I’m not too keen on white, and also the white is slightly more expensive. but if it is the only non-marking it will have to do

I would (and did) get the white try-all. I normaly ride trials and then ride to hockey and play on the same uni, I have played hockey with a CC and MEC tyre. They both rarely made marks but were crazy slippery. They would skid, slip and slide all the time, under harsh braking, stopping and turning. I recently bought a white try-all sticky and it is far far more grippy in halls and is very good for trials. White tyres are pimp, get one, you will love it once you see and ride it :stuck_out_tongue:

Either that or just buy a cheep learner uni and put a compfy seat and freestyle tyre on it.

cool, ok might do that then. just anouther £90 to go then…

This site is not to do with runescape. stick to the threads please



oh that… some guy came on and spammed like loads of threads asking for money on runescape… but hes been reported so his posts have now gone… making me look like an idiot:(

That teaches you to reply to spammers, just report them and leave them alone. Otherwise you are just feeding them.

Also the only trials tire that is officially non marking is the white Try-All, I would guess that the Lunas and maybe the Sticky Fingers wouldn’t be marking, because the Sticky fingers is orange, but the black part might mark, and I have never found the Luna to mark, I think it is too hard of a rubber.