Non-marking Trials Tires

Hi, I need to buy a non-marking trials tire because my parents are tired of my tire tracks all over our deck. So, I was wondering what tire is best and where to get it. I’m assuming only white tires are non-marking, but if certain black ones aren’t, I’d be interested. So, in white tires there is the Try All Stiky lite or the Nimbus Blizzard. I’d rather have the try all but i’ve never tried one so I’d like to know which white tire is best. My other question is where do I buy it. I know renegade has the Try All and NZ has the Nimbus, but is there any where else to get either? Preferably in Canada or the place with cheapest shipping.

I wouldnt be able to tell you wich one is the best but you will be able to tell the difference between the tryall tire and the CC. The tryall is a rounder tire so it feels more responsive. takes a lil while to get use to but its not bad at all

The Nimbus Blizzard, is a good tire for trials really stiff tho so takes a while to get use to the rebound and all… its feels really smooth when riding along like its slick and cornors nicely as well and I’ve grown to like it a lot more then the CC

Thanks guys. Does anyone know where to get one? How much is shipping to Canada from renegade or NZ?

i have a black try all and regurlary take it to the local gym where a non marking tyre is needed, so far its been fine.

So I emailed renegade and they said $27 shipping. So that’s out of the question. By the sounds of it, some black tires are non-marking. Does anyone know a good place to get a Try All tire? Maybe the light version? Or a really cheap Luna or something?

Why not shop local? or

Thanks, but shipping there is just as expensive.

$19.97 to Vancouver BC, $23.22 to Montreal Quebec, so probably a bit less. (I think UDC CA is in Alberta)

Yeah your right. The thing is I’d kind of like a Try All.

If you like the Try-all look on, it’s a Trials bike shop in Canada(BC) and they’re only 45$!

Thanks, that’s the cheapest place yet at $13.00 shipping. Now my final question is will the Try All truly not mark?

From my experience the tryall that i have marks on the cement, but thats the black tire. I also have a luna and it marks to, if you dont want marks i would go with a white tire just to be safe

Yeah, I thought that might be the case. Thanks a lot for the information. I will have to wait, there just doesn’t seem to be a reasonable place to get a white tire.

If anyone sees a deal on a white tire I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know.

You should try to get a used white tryall and then bald it. Finding a new used white tryall would probably be pretty tough to do

You could find somewhere to ride that isn’t your parents deck? I hear parks are popular. I know it’s a crazy idea, but it appears to be the least expensive.

Option 1: Get your parents to pay for a white tryall + shipping from wherever, to help their beautiful deck.

Option 2: Don’t ride on that deck.

Option 3: Pay for a white tryall yourself.

Edit: Best case to worst case.

I’d take either option 1 or 2… Or Option 4: Tell your parents it’s just a deck…:stuck_out_tongue:

Just to let people know I just got 10 white nimbus tires in stock - just send me an email at

Shipping is what shipping is, we don’t make money off the shipping – but if people want to complain to Canada post about their rates feel free - I do.