Non-Geared Schlumpf 29"

A rummage through all my spare bits in the garage gave me enough parts to build up a complete 29" unicycle (except for decent pedals). Of course, it’s not got the Schlumpf hub, but other than that, it’s a pretty good bit of kit, and certainly rare. So, if you fancy a nice commuter uni, or getting in to distance riding, then take a look at the add on eBay;

To save on postage, I’d prefer collection, but it’s also a good excuse to get along to a unicycle meet if there’s any soon.


I want it… i won’t have money until after christmas looks sadness

Is 3 days and 16 hours till the auction finishes too soon to bump a post?

Ah, ok. I won’t bump this one then :smiley:



glad you didn’t bump it.

oh… :roll_eyes:

What’s the reserve on it?

It would be wrong, immoral, and against everything that eBay stands for if I was to say there’s a seventy five pounds reserve. Therefore I refuse to answer your question. Plus, that would give the regulars here an insight as to how much I have in mind as an absolute bare minimum.



Lol, that would be a tad immoral.

I can’t believe someone thought it was worth bidding a fiver, heh, the fools there are on e-bay eh.

My knee’s already hurt just seeing that.