Non-disc hub for Oracle 36 + D-brake on a Titan

Stupid question (but a quick one),

Will this hub fit in the Oracle 36 frame?

I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t (other than it being 125mm vs the Oracles 127mm, but small potatoes right?), but the little discrepincy at the end about fitting certain frames has me asking.

Basically, I’m looking for the best non-disc wide ISIS hub that’ll fit the Oracle 36 frame…

And just throwing this out there: has any one put a d-brake on a Titan frame (only out of curiousity).


Hub will fit with no problem. Think the bit at the end is more to do with cotterless/isis frames.

As for the d’brake on a titan, i would suspect not due to the fact it is a 40mm pressed housing with a nut. On the other hand, a shim and some different bolts might work.

Yeah, I think with the Titan frame it’d be a weird pairing.

I also figured that the bit at the end had to do with the cotterless/ISIS Nightriders, but wanted to confirm it.

Thanks much!

Are you building another 36??!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I am not convinced that some hubs are 125 and some 127mm spaced. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t but either way all frames have at least 1mm of flex in each leg.

UDC says a few funny things in their descriptions. I would ignore the bit about only being compatible in the 2008 and 2009 frames.

If you use a D’brake with pressed bearing holders you should probably put a washer or three on the back bolt to make a good surface for the D’brake to rest on. Mountain Uni used to sell half bearing shims to use their mount with 40mm bearings. No reason you couldn’t do the same with a D’brake.

Maybe… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been feeling the need for speed out on the trails (26 is too slow), and was seriously contemplating getting a bike, but then started thinking about a 36er. It’ll give me the speed I’m looking for, and shouldn’t be as hard to climb on as the SS MTB’s I was looking at.

In my constant search for the perfect Muni, I think this might end up being my go-to rig.

I was looking at the Titan frame since it’s the only wide spaced steel frame I can think of, but might be going aluminum on this one since fitting a D-brake sounds like it could involve some finagling.

I don’t like the idea of a dished 36" wheel, hence my wanting a non-disc hub (I’ll go external).

Of course, my mind changes more than Utah weather.

Oh, and this hub will be fine for Muni right?

I remember hearing alot about getting the Oracle hub switched out for the Oregon one, because the Oregon hub is Crmo, and the Oracle hub is aluminum.

The hub I posted is Crmo, but is there anything else different about the Oregon hub that’d make it any better?

Like I said, I’m really trying to go with an external rotor setup.


Hi Killian, the hub you asked for will directly fit a Titan Frame and is perfect for MUni.

It has a tempered Cr-Mo ISIS spindle, so it will take any abuse you throw at it…

About D’Brake on pressed 40mm bearing holder:
I tried myself a similar setup and as saskatchewanian was saying, a simple spacer will do the job and solve the fact that the D’brake needs a good surface to rest on.

For me a 3mm thick aluminium spacer works like a charm!

Here it is :slight_smile: