Non-committal brakes

I feel like I’ve been posting quite a bit lately. Probably because I have…
Now for the problem of the hour. I’m really starting to look into getting a V-brake for my 2.6" tire (I know that the answer for the 3" is that it doesn’t work), and I wanted to know if there is any way to install a brake without welding/ brazing/ drilling my frame. sells a Rad v-brake mount which says can be attached without welding or drilling. Is this weaker/ more problematic than the more permanent attachments for brakes?
I would just weld something on, but I’m afraid of committment. :frowning:

You probably can’t see it in this picture, but the V-Brake mount on the Cokey-D is held on by hose clamps…

I’ve never worried about it. The brake mount is on the back side of the frame, so all the force is translated to the frame. For example, if you magically cut the hoseclamps off with bolt cutters while braking, it would make no difference, the brake would tighten and the wheel would push the brakes and the mount hard against the frame and there would be no weak pressure spot. Essentially, this is what happens anyway. the hose clamps really just keep the brake mount attached to the frame and properly alligned when you are not braking.

Unless your worried about the hose clamps being ugly (they sure as hell are), then I see absolutely no problem with it.