Has anyone ever heard of a unicycle saddle called a nokia?? And if so do you know where i could see a picture of it somewhere on the net???

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Perhaps the lack of response on this thread equates to “No”, since doubtless several of the people who have read it know almost everything about almost everything pertaining to unicycles. Me, I know a heck of a lot less than that, but that won’t stop me from offering an opinion when asked.

No, I’ve never heard of a unicycle saddle called a nokia. There is a big fat tire preferred by many mountain unicyclists called the Gazzaloddi, which is made by Nokian. Common saddle makes include Miyata, Schwinn, Torker, Viscount, United, Savage, Semcycle, Velo. No Nokia. Sorry.

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like that crappy cell phone i felt like sitting on till i got my motorola?
maybe that’s where the confusion came in

Nokia used to make everything from boots to TVs, so why not unicycle saddles.

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Nokia and Nokian is the same company, or at least they used to be. I think the tyre division changed name to Nokian after the name Nokia got too connected to cell-phones.


I’m with you Dave. I hate Nokia Cell Phones. I’m a Motorola Fan and I haven’t got no complaint’s with it. Mine’s a Motorola CDMA 3160 and I got no plan to update that phone just yet.

And No? I haven’t heard of Nokia Saddles in all my life.

And I agee with Tom Blackwood too.


Ive heard that too. I think they are named after a valley in Finland (they are the Finnish Rubber Company, I’m sure I’ve seen some Gazzes with Finnish flags on). This valley is apparently very important as it is a good source of hydroelectric power. Something like that anyway.

i use the accompli 008

can’t wait for the colour screen version with the video recorder to come out



Good on you Dave. If you got the guts to do it. Best of luck.
I, too would loved the colour screen with the video recorder Built in. I can’t wait for that one too. mmmmmmmm


More info can be found on their homepages:,8764,72,00.html

I can’t find anything that clearly states that it is / used to be the same company, but from the history it’s seems clear enough.


Nokia is actually a city here in Finland. This is also where the name comes from. Nokia cell phones and Nokian tyres are parts of the same company. They make car and b*cycle tires. The name nokian actually means in finnish nokia’s, so it could be actually nokia’s tyres. Nokia was at start three different companies that united.