So… Ever since I got my custom unicycle put together, I’ve heard some odd noises come out of it. It’s always made a noise like something is loose, and rattling around, but I check, and everything seems fairly tight. Sometimes there’s a creaking sound when I pedal with my left crank. My Bedford trials frame moves back and forth (horizontally) on my Koxx ISIS hub about a centimeter or two.

Do I have any real problems, or is any of this normal?

any pictures of the uni?

also, you might be missing a spacer or two.

if pedals are loose they make a rattly sound. sometimes they will move a little on the spindle too.

One one of my koxx hubs the bearings don’t crimp to the axle and the spacers that it comes with don’t do anything because they arent long enough to touch the bearing and crank at the same time. So any frame I put on there would rattle back and forth.

Sounds like a quality product to me!

So that’s not a real big problem then?

I tighten my pedals about ever other ride, so that’s not what’s rattling. I tightened some spokes today, and that seemed to help the creaking, but I didn’t ride it for a while afterward. I’ll check if that just fixed everything tomorrow. What are spacers?


my uni3.bmp (675 KB)

my uni4.bmp (338 KB)

thats a cool uni you got there.

spacers are liek little shims that seperate the hub and the frame and the cranks.

argh my new uni is creaking too, that seems to be going around lately…

maybie the spokes are loose?

ah ok my cranks were loose…
tightend em up and i think its ok now…

hmm the pedals seem to be loose as well, that was mostly what was making the noise with my uni, not sure how to fix em…