Noise making Hub, what is wrong?

when i rotate my tire, it goes “cerink cerink”
and the noise is coming from either the bearings, or the hub
this happened after a hell hard Muni ride, and my uni is a Qu-ax 24"
i am distressed, what is it, and is it bad? :thinking:

It’s probably the splines of your hub needing to be greased.

If you search there are some very helpful threads telling you exactly how to do this, it’s normally fairly simple.

You know, if your pedals have reflectors on them, those get loose very easily click around, i thought it was my hub or cranks doing it but then relised it was just my reflectors =p

Take everything in the hub apart, lube everything up thats needs lubing, and put everything back together. Make sure you:

Anti sieze the splines on your hub.
Grease your pedal threads.
Properly tighten bearing clamps (wheel should spin by hand for at least 20 seconds)
Get your cranks on real tight by lubing the bolts

im not sure whether you uni is splined(which from previos post sounds right) but i had the same prob on one of my uni turned out the cotter pin was loose and it would keep coming loouse so we got it out filed it a bit shoved it back in and its been working to this day

Tighten your spokes and re-true your wheel. After you do that, spray the intersections of the spokes with WD-40.