Noise from the wheel?

I am getting a noise from the wheel.
It’s like a creaking that I can feel and hear.

I can make the noise with the wheel spinning in the air:
It’s not the spokes.

I just replaced the bearings with brand new ones.
It’s not the bearings.

There is no pressure on the cranks.
I doubt it’s the cranks.

The noise happens with or without pedals.
It’s not the pedals.

That leaves:
The hub.
The relationship between the bearings and the frame.

Does anyone else have this problem?
Can the hub make noise by spinning and simply supporting the weight of the wheel?

What kind of hub and what brand of cranks do you have?

try tightning the bearing mounts cause i had sort of the same problem and i just tightened them and the problem went away so that could be your only problem

The above just has happened to me today.
The solution was as in the quote.:wink:

are you sure its not ur seat? My seat makes creakin noises all the time and it feels like its comin from the hub/tire area.

o and maybe it is the spokes cuz when you sit donw its putin weight on the spokes maken them bend/move around a little.When you have the uni in hte air there is no weight on the spokes maken them do that.

Some noise may be coming from the seat (but I happened to change that yesterday also). At least during today’s ride it wasn’t so annoying.

Re: Noise from the wheel?

At first when I read this I thought this was a poem :smiley: .

Could the lips of the bearing holders be rubbing on the Profile spacer washers? Maybe one of the washers has a little nub that’s sticking out and hitting part of the bearing holder every revolution.

Are you using the big conical shaped saucer spacer from Profile? That spacer can have some clearance problems with some frames and it could be rubbing on the frame. You can get additional small spacer washers from Profile so you don’t have to use that big spacer thing.

This has happened on 2 of my profile wheels. Both times it went away quickly, but then cam back when I rotated the cranks, possibly because the spacers moved too.

Re: Re: Noise from the wheel?

You beat me to it!!!:smiley: