Noel's bumpers Smack into Photoshop

I had a good laugh. Perhaps we should start a ‘what colour should this uni be?’ thread, with pictoral support. :slight_smile: I’m going to go home and add an inch to my Gazz… and make it a groovy purple… ha hahhahha ha…ha… uh… ehm. I just remembered: I adjusted the levels and saturation of the concrete behind Medina in my gallery… cloned out a flower pot and a couple walls. Must… must resist… casual use of colour levels…



I never said it wasn’t Photoshop’d Chris. If you look at the note below the photo you’ll see that it’s what the uni WILL look like. It now matches the photo as I got my red bumpers and black seat post clamp at BUC 9.

I always use Photoshop to proof my designs and play with colour choices, what’s wrong with that? I even took the measurements for the frame etc and plugged them into a Bryce model to help me envision what I’d finally end up with. If I didn’t check my choices before ordering I could have ended up with something garish like acid yellow pedals :-P.

Ya, ya- that was mostly why I noticed. I had seen the pictures when you first posted 'em -but never took notice of the adjustment.

Still, I think there is some sort of Photoshop sickness- a viralent strain that becomes unstoppable when paired with unicycle fixation. This leeds to bad things: what, for example, am I supposed to do with all these pictures of KH with other people’s heads?. Which reminds me: I need to get a couple more pics of Lewis’s House (he’s fixing to paint-if he can avoid buying another cycle), so that I can convince him that it would look much better in Lemmon Yellow… :stuck_out_tongue: