nobody is posting....

it’s odd. there are no new posts in the last half hour, but a bunch of people looking…

look at that, 100 views, but no posts! it’s crazy!

am i missing out on a boycott or something?

Might be the state of the union address. :slight_smile:

Or, you’re just addicted. :smiley:

I would guess that a lot of them are watching the Presidential State of the Union.

ooh, very true.

I need a tv…

thanks for a weird phenomenon explained.

there have been over 100 views of this though…

addicted? yeah, most definitely.

ctrl-r… wow, many hundreds. :wink:

well, it’s at 170 or so…

that’s not SO many, but with NO posts anywhere else…

EDIT: views jumped to 240, and there was another reply or 2.

guess I’m just addicted.

It’s OK, I don’t think you are alone. BTW, you didn’t miss much on the state of the union.

well, it’s bush.

some ppls at a differant message board had a drinking game going, 1 glass/ beer/ wahtever for each time he said freedom or terrorist.

EDIT again: 2% of viewers post here. funny.

well, I’m gonna go sleep now.

So, how many?

freedom was like 28, terrorist was about 30 I think

and btw there were about 60 interruptions for standing ovations…>_> so more than one every minute, amazing.

but yea, this is a slow message board in terms of how much posting there is…

SOmetimes, I get addicted and at 2 in the morning, nobody will post for up to 2 hours at a time, in any forum.

I usually have to stay up for the UK-ers and such to get on or GILD, so I can have my late night outlet of posts.

And how bout a slap up side the head for each time he mis-pronounces “nuclear.” I still think the President of the country with the most bombs should be able to pronounce it.

And it ain’t an accent thing.

This is why I prefer Prime Ministers question time in the UK. None of this clapping stuff, just lots of mildly inebriated old men going ‘muurrrrr’ in various tones of approval or derision, with variable volume for strength of feeling.