No wonder they're all blue

I just saw a KH frame in real life for the first time, pictures do not do it justice!

I would love it if every unicycle made from now on was that colour (and had those bearing holders)

but…a 4mm allen key on the seatpost clamp???

(edit, got in the seat -> seatpost just in time!)

alan key seat clamp? strange… and 4mm?

Hmm, I really dont like the blue, I think its kind of ugly. It should be orange:D I would even rather have a black frame than a blue one.

Yeah, when I saw this unicycle in real life it was love at first site (I still don’t have enough money to get it). Actually its more of just the frame then the actual unicycle. The bear holders are beastly, and the colour is just great. The only thing is I wouldn’t ride it because I wouldn’t want to get it dirty.

it needs to be that same kinda color… only green… you know what i mean, and in purple, and yellow, and brown


Yeh I like the blue but it kinda sux that they’re ALL blue. I wonder what brown would be like?

The only thing i hate about the color is that is stock. It would be a sweet ride if it was a custom oneofakind paint job.

No, no, no, not brown!!! No…it should be yellow…or orange…or fluro pink even. Anything but BROWN!

yea brown i would say would magor suck

Amen my brother… they need to be brown. I’m getting a new frame but Darren says he can’t powdercoat them brown :frowning: … well, atleast I’ve still got my old brown one.

The blue is awesome. I’ve been riding mine for 6 months now and I’ve yet to see that exact shade on anything else (except other KH uni’s of course). I think it’s cool they’re all the same colour, as it makes it easy to find those of discriminating taste at unicycle conventions :wink: I know Kris thought hard about the colour issue and I believe he plans to stick with this colour for a while.

For those out there that want more than the one colour to choose from, have everyone you know by a KH. Once he starts dealing with larger volumes, it becomes easier to offer a larger variety without having to charge more.


yeah, thats weak.


Yes, yellow is the best color in existence.

yellow and black is the best… i have to agree that CATBOYS unicycle is very beautiful =). i might rip the torker DX sticker off and buy some bedord red flames…:smiley:

yup. catboy’s uni is a good color. i need to get me some yellow frames for my qu-ax…

I just got my Kris Holm 24" Freeride today and I must say: the colour is awsome :sunglasses:

What Kris Holm needs to do is put on his website a “paint your own unicycle order form”. A flash version of paint will come up with about 50 crazy bright colors to choose from just like that bright blue on the current frame. You paint your own using stripes or blotches or anything you feel like, then order it and it comes to your house. How sweet would that be, haha.

I myself really love that blue, you can spot the Kris Holm unicycle from a mile away, I like that. Also its not like most people are like, “Oh brother, another blue unicycle, I saw 50 blue unicycles yesterday!” Haha.

Great color, great look. You can tell it’s broken in enough when both noodles are gone. I’m halfway there!