No wonder "muni" is so obscure...

I can’t remember exactly why, but I just gave the Google Image Search a run with “muni”, just to see what it came up with. The results were rather disappointing to say the least…

Unsurprisingly the majority of the first page was covered in pictures of trams; some of these rather worryingly included “wallpaper” in the URL; a bizarre choice of desktop if you ask me, but who am I to argue.

Other entries included a picture of some chap called Paul Muni (I want a name like that…), an orchestra and a bin. Ho-hum.

Sad to say, on the entire first page there was only a single one wheeled contraption; congratulations to the Newcastle Juggling Club for making the first page with a pashley muni.

The fact that the next result was a photo of a row of cows from the, erm, rear doesn’t really need any further comment…


(Yes, so it’s chucking it down and I’m bored! What?!)

Cokers don’t fare much better.

I noticed that pictures in the gallery don’t show up in the Google image search. If the gallery images were included in the Google results then the results would be different.

Re: No wonder “muni” is so obscure…

The “Trams” are trains for the SF public transportation company. They call themselves “Muni”, so that explains that. They charge way too much.



How can you get Google to display pictures in an image search? If I put a pic on my site (not on the gallery) would it come up in the results?


Re: No wonder “muni” is so obscure…

On Sat, 31 Jan 2004 04:22:12 -0600, joe
<> wrote:

>How can you get Google to display pictures in an image search?
Click “Images” at the top before entering a search string.

>If I put
>a pic on my site (not on the gallery) would it come up in
>the results?
Yes, after allowing Google some time (days or weeks) to spider it. But
it might be so low in the results that you won’t see it other than in
the results count. If your site is popular or often referenced that
would help to put it higher.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I have a feeling you might need two points of contact with the ground for such a thing to work? Or at least training wheels on the front and rear. - John Foss commenting on a picture of a one-wheeled vehicle he saw on RSU.

Thanks Klaas…

I’ll give it time! :slight_smile:


Re: Re: No wonder “muni” is so obscure…

I’ve been trying to get a shirt or hat with the MUNI logo for the SF bus (tram) system ever since I was out there this summer. No dice yet though.

This surprises me. A while ago, to prove a point to a colleague, I typed Mikefule into Google and got links to some threads in this forum, as well as a couple of other forums I’ve used. Type Mike (and) Fule in and you get links to our Morris side’s site. Ditto if you type in the forename and surname of any member of the side and ask for the exact phrase. The only explanation is that Google is magical.