No Way!!!

This is incredible…I just found this on the web. 22 foot unicycle!

Try Sem Abraham’s 115 foot unicycle

I have seen the 22 foot but the 115 foot is insane

Yeah, but there’s no danger in riding the 115’, but riding that 22 footer takes some balls.

Man! that is insane!!! how is he not wearing full body armor!!!

i dont think body armor is going to do much if you fall from that high

i’d rather wear body armour than nothing.

it would help to a certain extent

it could also get in the way and restrict your movements causing the fall

i think i would wear soemthing rather that a hawaiian t-shirt

oh yea for sure. but thats more of a crowd pleaser

I was there when he took delivery of the cycle, and rode it for the very first time. You could see him defecating masonry as he rode it. I would too! In fact, it was in the same room where I had to ride a 12’ unicycle over a juggling club. I pooped a brick then too.

Oh, that was Syracuse University’s field house at Unicon I for Chaz.