No unis on Santa Cruz, Channel Islands, California?

Hey guys, i was planning a trip, and i read some laws on policies here, and i was wondering about it? someone may know a thing or two about this, i sent off a few emails to the nps (national park service) about this, and they havent responded in a day or two, can anyone help?

I’d say regardles of whether or not a unicycle is a ‘‘bicycle’’, they will class it as one. That’s just the way it is. (my guess anyway…)

I know… erg… more planning… and one week til evolution of balance deadline


In most State Parks bikes are prohibited on all single track trails.

I road my uni on the trails in Olampai (sp?) State Park in Novato and was threatened w/ a $60 fine. (There happened to be nobody there to enforce it.)

Bikes are leagal in Anadale State Park in Santa Rosa, and China Camp State Park in San Rafael (may be a good choice, considering it’s history).

ASP has lots of moderately tecknical terrain. Very rocky, but nothing terribly steep. (Some of it I wouldn’t have been able to ride up in my mtb days).
CCSP - Never been there. Ask Tholub. (aparently has some North Shore style obstacles)
Angwin just south of Calistogasame hear.

When I was riding in the Grand Canyon I was told by the ranger to get off my uni-bike. The sign says no bikes and she insisted it was a uni-bike!

awesome story lol… Seriously, i want to ride in the grand canyon

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at my high school, appearantly a uni is “like a skateboard” :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

what with the wooden board, 4 small wheels, 8 bearings, and so forth

Empire Mine State Park (in Grass Valley, CA) allows mountain bikes (I munied there), but it’s primarily fire roads, so not the most exciting terrain. But the old mine and equipment are pretty cool. At least muni is allowed!