No Unicycling?

I think this may be our Christmas card picture this year. The kids thought it was pretty funny. They smiled better and were more cooperative than usual for the picture taking.


Very nice and festive.


I love that picture :slight_smile: I love the sign in it too. Heh. It’s very nice!

what kinds of unis do they have there…i like the one ur son (im assuming)has.

Thats an '06 Torker DX.

The one on the right looks like a Torker LX.

wahoo! a fellow dx rider(such as me) the rock! tell your son that thats unicycle is the best and that it can hold up to 6 fooot drops (maby more)

by the way, does he ride trials?


You’ve done a six foot drop on it? So have I, and a 5 1/2 to flat.

Do they re-do those signs for each new craze that comes along? I bet scooter riding wasn’t on there 5 years ago,

You people have good eyes. They are all 20 inch unicycles. The one in the middle is an 06 Torker DX. The one on the right is an 05 Torker LX. The one on the left is the first “unicycle” I bought, it is one of these:

Wee, i want that sign for my room!