No Unicycle Vids on KAzza

ya i lookin awhlie ago and i didnt find 1 unicycle video on kazaa, which to me is very very astonishin, like they got everyhitng on there, porno, to like star treck, to full games, but yet theres nothing to do with a unicycle video, i tried to put one up, but ened somehow puttin like 1000 files into it, :frowning: so i had to delete it, theres new world dissorder 1, and something of the holy trail which i dl’d. But why dont some of u people put the unicycle videos on kazaa, or give permission to let people put it on, id do it, i just dont wana do it without people consent. i had like hte Calgary Uniphychos that i dl’d and One Tired Guy Trailer, just stuff i found, it would be cool if tey went up. but whatever, somoen will probably come along here and say " its illegal, and bad" or somthin like that…

i actually did rip a copy of universe to divx, but im not putting it online. I really have no respect at all fopr copyrtight laws, or the MPAA, or the RIAA, fuck’em all.

Im not putting it online because I have respect for the people who made it, and feel that on a project like that, they deserve all the money they can get on it.

I know dan probably wouldnt care if i did share it, but its one of the few things i’d feel guilty about.

hey Nick

can you make the blood come out of your head any slower?i think the avitar would look more real that way.

Since we are talking about formats,Nathen was saying that Crouching Rider Hidden MUni will be on DVD soon:-)

Re: No Unicycle Vids on KAzza

I found a unicycling vid on kazaa… actually it was just a jackass episode
with some unicycling in it.


I’ve found the Jackass unicycling clip and a unicycling buddy icon on Kazaa, but that’s been the limit. If someone would make a skill level 11 video than that would drastically increase the amount of unicycling material on Kazaa, no doubt in my mind.

hey all

i found the trailer to unizaba on kazaa.


That’s what a copyright is.

Or at least it’s respecting the ownership of the material. In the case of most unicycling videos, that’s a pretty direct relationship.


i meen like real stuff MUni, and trials stuff, universe would just be kick ass if it got on kazaa, like i guess i could go to the Uniphycho web site and ask if i can put there trailer on the web, and other stuff, but all u people that have small vids of u somwere, those would be cool to, doens have to be big movies, just stuff people have made woudl be god.

No, that wouldn’t be cool at all. It sucks that the mountain bike videos have made it on to Kazaa. The people making the mountain bike videos are not getting rich from making the videos. Having those videos get pirated would not be good. If you like vidoes like that then buy them and give the producers a reason to make the next one.

Can someone put out quality unicycling video’s on DVD or Supervideo format sometime then. Us geekey kids dont know what to do with thoes ancent VHS things.

i would put pics on if i had a digital camera

Dude, I have Universe and I saw the copyright warning on that one… toughest looking warning I’ve ever seen. Those guys are serious!

Don’t look for unicycling but mountainbiking and you will find at least two videos including Kris Holm doing some stunts. First is called “New world disorder” and second one is “NWD 2 - Fat tire fury” both produced by Freeride entertainment (look details from website This is same company which has also produced “One tire guy”.

I have a 3 minute video of me and Spickydoo biking and uni-ing. Just testing out the camera and editing programs really.

For some reason, it doesn’t come out in every body’s searches. I put the key word uni in there.

kazza is for stuff that everybody and his dog wants a copy of, for britney spears and porn videos, it’s not realy the place to get anything interesting, like unicycle videos

as for copyright, on a smal production like universe a much higher percentage is likely to go to the people involved in making it, which is good.

for a britney spears cd the majority of the profits goes to the shareholders, who didn’t do anything special, they just had enough cash to by themselves more monney.

ripping off the people who made universe is a bit dodgy especaly since in such a small comunity its very likley that many of us will meet people in the video.

ripping off britney spears inc isn’t realy anything to loose sleep over, especialy considdering all the stuff that the copyright mafia are doing to take away your rights to produce free content, free software and free speech.
although music companies say that there losing monney to piracy, music sales are higher than they have ever been before

back to topic, i have made a video of me doing some urban trials but i only have a dial up connection but it’s not even on 24h

as soon as i do get a fast connection ( or someone that owes me a favor does) i’ll put my video online.

btw i intend to release my video with no copyright restrictions