no unicycle for a week

ive sent my unicycle frame to be powder coated white.

i did it via my dads work, they went it to the place where they get stuff done for cheep.

So, at first they said they had no white untill the day after.

Then they said that they have no free painting guns or somthing

Then they painted it on thursday so some1 from my das work cpould pick it up on friday (tahst today)

but noone picked it up… so ivce been uniless for a week now and i can only get it on Monday.

If i dont get it on monday, im gonna take tuesday of school and get it my self or somthing aaararrrrrghhh

any survivel tips?

Curling up into a fetal position in the corner, hyperventilating and whimpering incesantly usually works:D

Hope you get it on Monday.

ah man u cant go a weekend plus a week without a uni go by a new one screw waiting lol

build some obstacles for tricks while you wait.

thast a good idea… in fact ill make my dad do it

You’ve beaten me to it! My muni frame will be white. The colour scheme is white, black, and a touch of blue. :slight_smile:

Get a demanding job or university course…the time will fly. :roll_eyes:


yeah i wanted the unicycle frame white and the seatpost black, however at the last minuite i changed it so the seat post would be white too.

and if i dont like the white seatpost i can just spray it black

A week? Luxury! I haven’t had the opportunity to ride at all since 3rd January.

And now, with lovely weather outside and a day free, I’m sitting here streaming with snot and coughing my guts up with the worst flu I’ve had for years.

Still, mustn’t grumble.:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

that must be bad, get a snes and play uniraces or is it on the nes i dont no

Re: no unicycle for a week

On Sat, 25 Mar 2006 09:38:11 -0600, Mikefule wrote:

>Now: stupidity against IT? There’s a contest worth watching.

one week off, you think you got it bad! i can’t ride for at least aanother 4, really should wait till june according to phsio. AND I havn’t ben able to ride since Jan.
I was looking forward to getting back into it soon, then ended up having this baby by C-section, hence having to wait till june till i’m fully healed up.
ho hum

:stuck_out_tongue: just cos ur worse off then me doesnt make my situation any better