No Sticky?

Does this forum have the ability to create “stickies” topics that stay on top?

If so could someone please make one called “Beginners read this first” which we can put all the “I’m new which uni should I buy” posts?

Just an idea, pretty much every other forum in the world on any topic has these… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this forum has no moderators… It’s anarchy!

This forum does have moderators, but they do little more than remove spam. Aside from that, it is up to us to moderate these forums. If there is a definitive “beginners thread”, it’s our job to point new users to the thread… if we make this thread good enough, we might be able to convince Gilby to make it a sticky.

So who’s going to write the thread?

Writing it right now

Guess I should volunteer as well since I brought it up.

Knoxuni, if you want any help lemme know.