No Skateboards/Rollerblades......Unicycles ?!?

Well, maybe not exactly…

I hope you stole the sign. :astonished: (just kidding) Actually, I would like a good close up of it if you have the chance.

That’s a great sign and an even better shirt. There are two more “you can’t do this” signs in the parking garage (parkade, Cn). You guys must be in Canada.

one more no idling, and a no-parking

Down the block, outside a hockey arena, we actually had a guy say:

‘This isn’t a circus…get outta here!’

(he mustn’t have like us riding so close to the classic/suped up cars on display)

I like the sandles… hey, Sofa, I thought it was still winter over there for you guys!


today was the first nice day of +8 degrees ! :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

it’s now officially summer here in Southern Ontario!

Wow, 8 degrees, I guess that does count for summer ‘back east’. We were at 16 degrees here today and felt pretty much like we were well into Spring!

Erin, who is still riding in her sneakers though its a balmy 16 degrees. :o

Re: No Skateboards/Rollerblades…Unicycles ?!?

Love the sign! Is that a one-foot idle I see there?

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