no progression driving me nuts

i learned how to do sidehops SIF at the beginning on september and i had an 18" sidehop. i thought i woul start getting a higher sidehop fast because i was using SIF but its been over a month now and i havnt gotten any higher. on some days i cant even do 17" and today i cant even get myself to try 13"! im not getting any better with my sidehops and its really driing me crazy! I NEED HELP! :angry: :thinking: :(:(:(:frowning:

Relax. Practice other things besides your sidehop. Chances are that youโ€™re getting overly frustrated and psyching yourself out.

Progression takes time. When you first start out learning SIF there is a quick rate of progression but it plateaus eventually. You cant expect to gain hop height every day. Otherwise, Joe Hodges would be jumping up skyscrapers by now.

Take it easy, youโ€™ll get your hops back.

I canโ€™t drive, FIFFFTY FIIIIVE!!!