No Place Like Home

today me and my mate wanted to try something new so we tried to ride my bike at the same time with him on the right pedal and me on the left. we got a good start to it and we can ride about 50 or so metres, this turned out to be not a good idea as when we tried it for the 5th or 6th time the right and left pedals threaded the cranks and then they snapped off. this happened like ages away from my house so i had to push it back the whole way.

so i was just woundering has anything happened to your uni or bike when you’ve been really far away from home and you had to walk all the way back?

cheers, keep it wheel.

hothin has happened to me far away from home on either one

What type of uni was it?

Reread his post, it wasn’t a uni.

The unicycle (or bike) always breaks at your farthest point from home (the car). I narrowly missed having to take a very long walk last summer when my 29" blew its tire on the Downieville trail. I don’t know how far from town we were, but it was way over 5 miles, with nothing in-between. Fortunately one of the guys in the group had a 26" tube we were able to stretch in there.

Re: No Place Like Home

On Thu, 18 May 2006 13:24:19 -0500, johnfoss wrote:

>The unicycle (or bike) always breaks at your farthest point from home
>(the car).

Yes that will generally be true, because if your unicycle (or bike)
breaks, you’re not going any further.

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“I’m slowly but surely stealing Wales and bringing it back to my house on the wheel, frame and cranks of my muni. - phil”

As always, flawless logic.

Sorry about that Tom, although what we were doin did look pretty cool. We nicely threaded the crank aye

yea i rekon, als oremember the time we made that real dodge reverse tandem and we ended up walking it 13km in 3 hours, that was not such a great i dea after all.

That trail is nasty for tires. It’s the only trail I’ve ever blown a tire on and noticed. All other flats while offroading have been slow leaking enough that I didn’t notice until several hours later.

Do you actually buy 700x50 tubes? I’ve always used 26x2 tubes on my 29er because that’s what I have laying around, and because I’ve never seen 700x50 for sale anywhere, not that I’ve looked very hard.

My worse flats have always been from nails, glass, and thorns on the road. The farthest I ever had to walk was about 5 miles.

My tire didn’t actually blow, it popped off the rim letting the tube out, a-la Jacinto in Universe 2. I scrambled to let a bunch of air out, which I did successfully. When I thought it was low enough to be safe for a photo, I went to pull out my camera. Then it popped, only after I had the camera out!

Fact is, I haven’t used that uni for any MUni since that ride. I’m sure it’ll be fine as long as I don’t take it to places like Downieville though…