No Place Like Home - Mountain Unicycling near Vancouver, Canada



Great job! Great riding & filming.
Now thats muni! Nothing puni about it.

Imagine it’s winter time and you are planning to cycle early in the morning. You will really enjoy in this weather. Vancouver experiences intense cold during the winter time. Enjoy riding and have a great time riding a unicycle with your buddy! It’s really soothing and pleases your soul.

That’s skill! I love this video! :wink:

muni at it’s best

Really nice riding!

Nice! You’ve got some skills there, dude.


Great skills dude, brilliant riding and nicely put together vid too :smiley:

Thanks for all the comments!
One of the goals was to film engaging footage which didn’t feature big drops and skinnies as the primary terrain. The challenge was the use different camera angles, to keep the video interesting and to show the more subtle terrain. This footage (green shorts) was mixed with other footage I hadn’t used yet (blue shorts) to create the video.

Some KH country riding. Really, really solid skills, excellent video work & tunes.

Thanks for sharing.

Very nice riding! I really liked your previous videos too! Looks very fun to ride there :).

Nice video to watch and really nice drops (and rest of riding too). Thanks :slight_smile: