The sign is 12"x18" and slightly used. It has some almost invisible scratches on the front and some duct tape sticky residue on the back that could be removed by Goo-Gone.

$5.00 plus $4.00 shipping.

Email me at bruceedwards at
verizon dotnett.

I want it, give me some info and ill get the money to you as soon as possable.

EDIT: I am sending an e-mail right now.

Wish I saw it earlier.

if i was forteen, living at my parents house that would be so cool to put on my bed-room door…

but of course as life goes on i realise that unicycles have no actual parking rights…who can i sue?

Pssh, age doesnt matter. Ill bet that I will still have this sign in the next 10 years.

yeah you may have it in 10 years, as a reminder of my post…

Hehehe, either way, it will be there. :roll_eyes:

I Want It!!!

Mr. Yoopers, Where did you findit/have it made?

They have the signs at They’re pretty neat. We used ours for parades and got quite a few laughs out of it.

well can i buy it plz

You’re third in line. :slight_smile: